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Try our new File Transfer Product during Beta!

Executive Message

Welcome to the next generation in information protection.

ParsedCloud Transfer (PCT) is the first iteration of a product that will evolve shortly into Cloud storage that cannot be compromised. PCT allows you to transfer a file securely with zero chance of capture or reassembly – unless you are the recipient.

We have abstracted the science behind this technology to make it as simple as sending an e-mail. Any size file can be sent from individual to individual or to a list of recipients. As an added bonus, we have included a Secure Private Message (SPM) capability. The message can append to a file or be sent alone. No message traffic is logged or can be captured.

We believe that by placing security within the data, your data will be protected anywhere in the Cloud or across the network. It simply doesn’t matter if the network has been compromised or misconfigured. Your data is always safe and you are in control of it.

I would encourage you to view the 1.5 minute video on this page that illustrates ParsedCloud’s cryptographic splitting process. If you would like further information about this technology, please feel free to contact me. I would appreciate the feedback.

Don Martin – CTO
Security First Corp.

What is ParsedCloud Transfer?

ParsedCloud is our new highly secure digital file service and cloud infrastructure.  Our first product, now in Beta release, is ParsedCloud Transfer (PCT), a PC based application used to securely transfer any size file between users. You can even send Secure Private Messages (SPMs) without any files for a secure messaging alternative.  Transfers can be uploaded once and delivered to a single user or groups of users, just as easy as sending an email.  If you are concerned about the security of cloud services, the privacy of your data or you just need the ability to send large files easily, ParsedCloud is the service for you.

Finally a Private & Secure Cloud for Transferring and Sharing Files!

This really is game changing technology.  There is nothing in the marketplace that compares with ParsedCloud or that offers users comparable privacy and security.  Say goodbye to your old FTP setup, Express Mailing disks, email attachments and all the other services you use to send files or large amounts of data.  PCT installs on your PC/Mac and allows you to secure data right there on your desktop and then transfer it quickly to one or more other users.  It’s easy to use – just click or drag files to the app.

The personal cloud is estimated to grow to $2.2 trillion over the next 10 years. The #1 concern of users today is data security because it’s been treated as an afterthought or is non-existent in this space.   More than half of all computer users will not use or are not allowed to use cloud services due to their lack of security. ParsedCloud will change this by offering its cloud that was built from the ground up with security and privacy as the primary focus. We do that by leveraging the SPx cryptographic splitting technology from Security First Corp. and building data security directly into the data itself.  Private, public, community and hybrid clouds will all benefit in the years to come from this technology.

We’re building a world class infrastructure that we are proud of.  Take a look the slide show in the left column to get an overview of it.

What are Some of the Use Cases?

  1. Private to Public Cloud data transfer – permits one-way movement of data that cannot be compromised.
  2. Software Distribution – assured transfer of software that cannot be modified.
  3. Corporate IP and communications transfers that cannot be leaked to the open Internet.
  4. Poor Man’s Disaster Recovery – move entire Virtual Machine blob to another location.
  5. Large File Transfer – No limitation on file size!

Why do we need YOU?

Sure, we need users to send data and exercise our system. So please join the beta and be a part of the success. But what we really need is to spread the word that there is a secure alternative in the market. Let others know about the risks associated with cloud security, everyone should care about this. We’d also love to know how we are doing, so drop us a note (support@parsedcloud.com) with your feedback, comments, questions or suggestions and help make PCT even better.

How do I get Started?

  1. Sign up for Beta:
    • Fill out the form and submit.
    • Look in your email for your Beta Invitation. You can follow those instructions or these below.
  2. Download the ParsedCloud Setup Wizard. We currently support:
    • Apple Mac with OSX 10.7 (Lion) & OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
    • Windows PCs with XP SP2+, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  3. Run the Setup program:
    • Double click the ParsedCloudTransfer (.exe or .pkg) program you downloaded.
    • During installation, you will Register your user account. Follow the Setup instructions.
    • If you need detailed help, download our Installation Guide.
  4. Activate your Account:
    • After you run Setup, you will receive an Activation Email from us.
    • Click the secure link in that Email to Activate your account.
    • This is where you will need to enter the Beta Invitation Code you received earlier.
  5. Send a file to yourself to see how it works.
    • For help using ParsedCloud Transfer, check out our User Guide
  6. Invite your friends and colleagues so you can transfer files to them.
    • Click here to Invite Friends
    • or, Click the “Advanced” menu then “Invites” from within the PCT application.

NOTE:  You will need the Beta Code in the email you received that brought you to this page during initial signup.

Need More Capacity?

During Beta we are automatically upgrading users capacity to 6 GB per month.   If you need more, let us know and we’ll upgrade your capacity as needed for free.  Just email us at support@parsedcloud.com to let us know and we’ll take care of it.

Support & Suggestions

If you need support, email us at: support@parsedcloud.com
If you have a suggestion, email us at: suggestions@parsedcloud.com

Our unique, patented cryptographic splitting technology!

ParsedCloud uses the patented SPx cryptographic splitting technology from Security First Corp. Unlike other online services PCT secures and protects the data before it is sent over the internet and has unique private keys that remain only with the user. In that way only the intended recipients can ever see the data once it is prepared for transfer. All data including the content of the files, file-names, subject and any included secure private message (SPM) is cryptographically split before it even leaves your computer and split into different secured pieces (or shares) that are then sent to the multiple different ParsedCloud data center sites across the United States. The cryptographically split data is stored until the intended recipient calls for the data file. No complete set of encrypted pieces of information is ever stored in one location. And your data is always safe from even the most sophisticated intruders.  Our infrastructure also makes your data highly available, so its there for you when you need it.

The easiest way to appreciate the PCT advantage and understand our security process is to take a quick look at our video in the left margin.

Remember, we are still in Beta:

Please keep in mind that we are in Beta testing so you could possibly experience some occasional service interruptions as we make improvements.  We apologize for that up front and promise to keep any interruptions to a minimum, hopefully we will have none.

Other Products Coming Soon:

Look for these products in the coming year:

  1. ParsedCloud Storage:      A secure cryptographically split cloud backup for your PC documents with secure synchronization across all your computing devices and secure sharing with other users of ParsedCloud Storage.  Think of it as a secure dropbox.
  2.  Mobile Apps:      We’ve got Android and iOS versions in the works.
  3.  Enterprise Versions:   With additional features
  4.  Server to Server Transfers

Thank You!

Thank you very much for helping us prepare PCT for its’ full-scale launch.